Our Story So Far

Odeon cinemas date back to the 1930s.

Our founder, entrepreneur Oscar Deutsch, was a pioneer of the European cinema experience, opening the first ODEON cinema in 1935. We’ve been innovating ever since, developing an entertainment experience for every guest using state of the art projection and audio technology, premium seats,

United Cinemas International (UCI) opened the UK’s first multiplex cinema in Milton Keynes in 1985.

UCI expanded the multiplex cinema revolution in the UK throughout the 1980s and 1990s, operating over 30 multiplex cinemas, including the first 20-screen cinema in the Trafford Shopping Centre in Manchester.

ODEON and UCI merge in 2005 to form one cinema powerhouse

Today, the ODEON & UCI Cinemas Group welcomes 1.8m guests every week.Check out our Corporate site for more information on the ODEON & UCI Cinemas group.

The ODEON brand today

Whilst internally we continue to retain both the ODEON and UCI names, we trade in the UK under the ODEON brand. ODEON has come to be synonymous with cinema and even features in the New Oxford Dictionary definition of cinema.

BIG facts and figures

Today, the ODEON & UCI Cinemas Group operates in seven countries across Europe: the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Austria. The UK is our largest market where we operate 109 cinemas with a whopping 868 screens available to our guests.

243 Cinemas


2,229 Screens


7 European Countries


1.8M Guests per Week

Portugal and Austria are our smallest markets with three cinemas each. Throughout the group we operate 2,223 screens in 240 cinemas, which is a 15% increase from where we stood in 2010.

"At ODEON & UCI Cinemas we’re on a journey of transformation to become a truly world-class company. This is a place where people really make a difference."

CEO, Paul Donovan

There is much to be proud of here at ODEON and so much more to discover about our exciting business as Your Incredible Journey with us unfolds.


To create inspiring entertainment experiences for every guest


With almost 9,000 colleagues working for ODEON & UCI Cinemas, our vision and values are the golden threads that runs throughout everything we do.

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